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At 1:pm Monday the call came into 911 where they toned out the Tennessee Ridge fire department Erin Fire Chief Dave Hardin ask if they needed assistance and it was gladly taken when I arrived all departments with two Sheriff deputies on hand had responded and were on the scene. At 4pm a call came in for a car fire on Fire Tower Rd and was responded to by the Erin Fire Department. Ask if it seemed strange to have two car fires in the same day the response was that it was. Below are a Photos of both the Erin and Tennessee Ridge Fire Departments fighting what the rest of us fear. I would like to thank the men of both departments for a job well done. >
interior.JPG inspection.JPG weting down.JPG gone.JPG
whats next.JPG angle.JPG still working.JPG tenesseeridge.JPG
wet1.JPG arival.JPG ftr.JPG ftr1.JPG
ftr2.JPG ftr3.JPG ftr4.JPG f8.JPG

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