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Welcome to the Independent Internet Press Association

Web Site,Their is power in numbers and the more of us that are joined together like our hard copy cousin the more rights we can obtain, here you can find out who we are, how to join and how to take advantage of the many programs and services available to help our members publish better Online newspapers. Among the many programs and services you will be able to gain access to here will be the latest industry news; member services and information as well as member newspaper web sites and other journalism sites of interest. You may also post questions and answers and share information on the IIP Forum."> The Independent Internet Press Association's main goals are to promotes growth and excellence in community journalism through technology, networking, education and recognition between its members, to gain the legal right for our members to become the paper of record for their community instead of, cases where the paper of record is owned by a larger company that is not resident in your community or you have no paper in you community and must rely on a paper in another city as the paper of record. The law's were written previous to the arrival of the Internet, they need to be updated to include local Internet news sites, not to exclude local papers of record. Simply because you are a paperless journal and give your news away as a free service to the community, The laws that were applied previous to the Internet excludes you from paticipation in revenues generated by this law, unless you have a newspaper that adds a web site then the laws provide them with an unfair business advantage. We have adopted the same code of ethics as that of theNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF PRESS AGENCIES


The 2002-03 Fulbright scholar programs in Japan offers research awards to junior and senior working journalists in print media as well as broadcast and digital media to enable them to become better informed about Japan. The resulting product might be a series of articles, a television program, a series of radio stories, etc. Applicants must be U.S. citizens (permanent residents are not eligible), have a Ph.D. and a minimum of three years of professional experience. For more detailed information visit . Contact David Adams at or 202-686-4021.
Journalism Jobs and Internships

J-JOBS DIGEST: Journalism Jobs and Internships vol. 6, no. 47 November 13 - November 19, 2000 J-JOBS is a weekly digest of journalism job and internship postings. If you have a posting that you would like included in J-JOBS, please send it by e-mail to Paul Grabowicz at There is no charge. J-JOBS is a free service to the journalism community by the Graduate School of Journalism at the University of California at Berkeley. Sorry, J-JOBS is not available by subscription. It can be accessed at World Wide Web sites at the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism and at Louisiana Tech University. The Web addresses are:
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