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Fire alarm on Hy46 Saturday across from Griffin's Chapel was a bulldozer being used to put in a road for a subdivision when ask how much damage was done we were quoted about $6000.00.

Building Committee Meeting

The first topic was the court house with a motion being made for Jimmy Highers to present to the Houston County Legislative Body a plan that would take care of the handicap access problems at the court house. Then in a heated discusion the jail bids were presented with Commisioner Jimmy Bass statement There will be no new jail unless you can present a price of $1.5million or less as we were previously told. The people of Houston County want stand for it. We are wasting time to discuss any other price. Question were raised about what Jimmy Hires charges for his service. it seems just for geting the bids worked up we owe him $25,000 and the county at this moment owes him $50,000.00 at a fee of 3% on each job, we have him do it seems to add up.

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