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Winners On The Field and In The classroom

BY Samie Douglas
The Houston County Fighting Irish have had a winning season this year. But the winning doesn’t stop on the playing field.They are winners in the classroom as well. This team is living proof that sports and academics can go hand in hand. These young men are excellent students and outstanding athletes. Perfect role models for young children. With a big game coming up Friday night the seniors on the team took time to put on their uniforms and go to Tennessee Ridge Elementary to read with second grade students. The students did not know they were coming. The excitement started as the team came through the front doors. Students that were changing classes just stared in amazement to see the senior players arriving in full uniform. The team was followed down the hall by students, faculty and staff. The students in Ms. Sammie Douglas’s room cheered when they came through the door. They knew they were going to have special guest but didn’t know who they were going to be . As the room filed with players the second graders new exactly who the were. The first comment was ”MAN Ms. Sammie they sure are big! “ The young students couldn’t wait to read to the Senior players. After reading with the youngsters the players took them outside and played football with them. It was a day that these second graders will not soon forget. After the players left all the students could talk about was what they wanted to do when they got to High School. Today helped set the “GOAL “ a little higher for most