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Fun AT The Park

The Final Program of the 1999 Great Time Machine

Summer Reading Program was held July 13, 1999, at the park in Erin. Scott Humston and the Magical Time Machine. He entertained the group of over 100 children and adults with his amazing wonders and marvelous tricks!With special help from Richard Law and Holly Hall, he kept the children interested and showed them the wonders of books and his famous hand puppet , Puff the magic rabbit. Scott is an award-winning children's and family entertainer. He has toured the USA with his special brand of family magic and motivation. This was the second year for him to appear at the Houston County Public Library's summer programs. The appearance was sponsored by People's Bank and a special thanks to Mr. Tommy Mitchell for making this possible. The famous Time Machine at the library was won by Evan Mobley. He was a very excited winner. Other children won treat bags of posters, T-shirts, and other great gifts to remind them of their summer fun. The library was pleased with the 255 children between the ages of 3 and 13 that signed up for the program. With a limited library staff, we are so dependent on the great help offered by the parents and grandparents of the kids that come to the programs. Our thanks to all of them for their help with serving refreshements and taking the kids around to the different events. Without them, we couldn't get it all done!!! It TRULY takes a village!!!! And we look forward to next year's events which will be held at the City Hall auditorium. The heat was too much this year. Got to get somewhere cooler!