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The Stewart Community Center

Date: TUESDAY, 19 June 2000 09:56:27 -0600
The center had an exciting month of July. On the 5th we held our monthly business meeting which was very productive. Plans are already being made for Homecoming 2001. It will be even better than this year. Check this out, we now have an easel and board in our entry room. It will have the dates for the upcoming events at the center. The first friday dance had to be canceled due to a power failure. Everyone was given tickets or their money back, and, invited back the next friday for the dance. Ray Ward and Band, graciously, came back the next friday and performed, as usual, fantastic. It was a fun filled night. The third friday pot-luck and dance was lots of fun for everyone. We had several guest singers and out of state guests that really said they enjoyed the evening. We are very lucky to have so many people from so many locations joining us at our festivities. Thanks everyone for your support, and join us each month on the first wednesday for the business meeting. We sure would like to hear your ideas too. Also remember the first friday dance and the third friday pot-luck and dance. Nina Bass