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Houston County Tennessee A sportman's DreamHouston County Tennessee A sportman's Dream

Erin Planning Commission

July 22, 1999 - 7:00 P.M. - Erin City Hall The Erin Planning Commission met in special session on July 22, 1999 in the Erin City Hall. Those present were: Wanda Lockhart - Chair person, Roland Roby - Vice Chair, Paula Skelton - Secretary, Angela Fernandez - State Planner, Brenda Clayton, Donald Cooksey, and recording secretary Lori Pendergrass. W. Lockhart Called the meeting to order at 7:00 P.M. Motion was made to approve the minutes, 2nd by R. Roby. All vote “Aye”. W. Lockhart opened the meeting by stating she must resign as chair person due to complications from an injury, she asked that R. Roby be appointed new chair person. Motion was made by Mr. Roby, 2nd by D. Cooksey. All voted “Aye”. The meeting was then turned over to Chairman Roby who then made a motion to elect a new vice chair person, W. Lockhart nominated P. Skelton, 2nd by D. Cooksey. All voted “Aye”. Next order of business was to elect a new secretary, P. Skelton nominated D. Cooksey, W. Lockhart 2nd. All voted “Aye”. Old Business: Angela Fernandez said she had most of the information needed for the urban growth project, she still needs so information on the cost to the city to reach outside the city limits, and how much of the land can be developed. R. Roby suggested she contact Bob Dillingham and Jimmy Highers for further assistance. Motion was made to authorize the issuance of a building permit to Mr. Lindsey for the purpose of a deer processing facility by D. Cooksey, 2nd by P. Skelton. All voted “Aye”. New Business: Howard Caughron introduced himself to the board and told of his plans to build a 32 room Motel / Laundromat and possibly a “Fred’s” department store at the intersection of 13 and 49. Motion was made by P. Skelton to adjourn, 2nd by W. Lockhart. All voted

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