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"For all our differences of politics, race, economics, abilities, culture and language - we share one world. To be tolerant is to welcome the differences and delight in the sharing". Hate can only be conquered by individuals willing to promote and demonstrate tolerance. In order to have a country which fosters tolerance, we must develop that tolerance in ourselves, our families, our schools, our workplace and our community. The following are only a few ideas for fostering tolerance. Ideas for individuals: teach an adult to read, learn sign language, participate in a diversity program, ask a person of another cultural heritage to teach you how to cook a traditional meal or speak up when you hear slurs. Ideas for families: take your family to an ethnic restaurant, don't buy toys that promote or glorify violence, read books with multicultural and tolerance themes to your children or talk to your child about race and ethnicity, pointing out that people come in many shades. Ideas for schools: discourage the use of divisive school emblems, donate tolerance related books and magazines to the library, sponsor a conflict resolution team, promote good sportsmanship and ban taunting, or invite bilingual students to give morning greetings and announcements. Ideas for communities: encourage law enforcement agencies to establish diversity training, make sure that anti-discrimination protections in your community extends to all minority groups or participate in a blood drive or clean up a local stream. Source: National Campaign for Tolerance. For more ideas log on to or call 289-3999 or 232-0409