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The Erin Police Board Met Tuesday night in their regular meeting to view the three new Police Cars that the City of Erin had recently purchased, And to give police Chief Tommy Parchman permission to sell the older cars at a price to be determined by closed bid pictured are the Erin Police Board

Pictured from left to right is Alderman Jerry Elliot. Smitty Price, Martha Greenfield, Mayor Ryne Largent and Police Chief Tommy Parchman.

Erin's Dare Office Chad Smith told of the drug bust that he and several officer fron the Sheriff,s Department Had been involved in on Midway Dr. earlier that afternoon they had stoped a car that an did a search because of a tip they had received earlier. The bust resulted in the confiscation of $536.00 in cash .5 grams of crack and 7.5 grams of marijuana. The officer's Involved was Dare officer Chad Smith,Sheriff deputy Bret Parker and Darell Allison along with Sheriff Barnes.